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Friday, July 25, 2014

Chapter 9: The Smart Choice- Open Adoption

There are many misconceptions about what open adoption means. It does not mean a child has two families. It does not mean that you have to spend holidays and vacations with the donor. It does mean the families come to a mutual agreement about what future communications between the families will be.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Embryo Adoption with No Fertility Issues

For the past 10 months the Awareness Center has hosted a monthly session of our popular “The Affordable and Accessible Adoption Choice” webinar, designed specifically for families interested in learning more about the process of embryo donation and adoption. At the end of every presentation our attendees are giving the chance to ask our team of experts any questions they may have about the process. Every session a new, interesting question is always asked. Below is one such question from our June webinar.

Q: What if we have never had infertility issues and have had successful pregnancies? Are we still eligible to pursue Embryo Adoption?

Friday, July 18, 2014

Chapter 8: Is a Home Study for Embryo Adoption Necessary?

The home study is a required step in any adoption process. It protects the donor, the adopter and the children. It is 80% educational, 20% evaluation. This service helps bring success to the adoption of children into a family.

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Monday, July 14, 2014

What’s the Big Secret?

Actress Elizabeth Rohm, best known for her roles on Law & Order, Heroes and The Client List, has written a book called 'Baby Steps, Having the Child I Always Wanted (Just Not as I Expected)'. In her story she relates her discovery about the negative impact of keeping secrets – especially regarding her infertility. Secrets often have negative consequences. This is why we encourage families to think through the impacts to themselves and to their children when keeping secrets about how their children uniquely came to be a part of the family. The truth is the child has ushered in great joy! We believe openness and truthfulness are important aspects of all assisted reproductive technology conceptions.

“Every woman has her secrets, and every woman has her own fertility story, whether it’s the story of a pregnancy or of trying to achieve a pregnancy or of not realizing you wanted a baby, or of not being ready for a baby until it was too late. Sometimes, our fertility stories, our sexuality stories, and our self-worth stories get all tangled up together and feel wrong and bad and so we don’t tell them. It becomes easy to forget how much all women have in common.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Chapter 7: How Much Does Embryo Adoption Cost?

LOW COST ADOPTION?! That's right. Embryo adoption is the lowest priced adoption choice. Each agency who offers embryo adoption will have a different cost structure. Discover what elements should be included in your embryo adoption: matching, legal contracts, home study services, frozen embryo transfers, shipping, clinic coordination -- everything!

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