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Monday, July 8, 2013

Presenting Embryo Donation and Adoption: How to Educate Your Clients, part 1

Each client who walks into your agency dreams of their future family. Most of your clients come to you because they know about adopting domestically, internationally or through the foster care system. They may come with a specific form of adoption in mind because they are hoping to build their family through adopting an infant, an older child, or a child from a specific ethnic background. This is your opportunity to demonstrate that you are their trusted source for information on all of their family building choices by sharing with them an option they may not be familiar with: Embryo Adoption.

In the past, couples struggling with infertility first turned to adoption to build their family. Today couples often first turn to the medical community to seek help when they are struggling to conceive or sustain a pregnancy. Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) is here to stay. Embryo Adoption is the natural progression for the adoption industry given technology and medical advances. It is an exciting and wonderful option for some clients, including:

  • Couples and singles who are searching for infertility solutions
  • Couples and singles who may not be able to afford IVF or other ART treatments
  • Couples and singles who may not want to use or bear the expense of purchasing "donor" eggs and/or sperm
  • Those who have already attempted their own IVF unsuccessfully
  • Couples who are pursuing a second+ adoption and want to experience pregnancy

As the newest form of adoption, embryo adoption may feel like unfamiliar territory. Perhaps you are considering sharing embryo adoption with your clients but feel you are not prepared to answer your clients' questions. The Embryo Adoption Awareness Center is here to help you grow in sharing embryo adoption confidently with our various resources, including brochures, webinars, educational videos, extensive FAQs and even a customizable power point presentation on embryo adoption, which you can receive by emailing our adoption agency liaison.

Perhaps you are concerned that since your agency only offers domestic, international or foster adoption services you could end up losing clients or revenue if you start sharing embryo adoption. Embryo adoption simply is not the right choice for everyone. Domestic, international and foster care adoptions are still great options for many clients. However, many adopters are still yearning for the opportunity to experience pregnancy. Your client base may actually expand should you chose to share embryo adoption as an alternative and offer embryo adoption home study services to your existing programs. In doing so, you remain the clients' local adoption expert for future services, which means your revenue base may actually grow.

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